Into the Mountains with TechWomen

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Yesterday, the TechWomen delegation headed into the northern mountains of Jordan to visit technical women graduate students at JUST ( Jordan University of Science and Technology and their Dean, Dr. Rehab Duwairi, and the craft collective leaders in the village of Koura. The village treated us to a feast in a meadow of wildflowers and interesting rocks. We ate macmoria (chicken pie), tabbouleh, hendbe, yogurt, dolma, freekeh and other wonderful delicacies. Then, we went into town where my team and I gave a workshop on how to sell artisanal crafts though e-commerce. We finished the day with a big Italian dinner in Amman.

My daughter Jessica arrived safely after midnight and will join the delegation’s activities today.

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Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson


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2 responses to “Into the Mountains with TechWomen

  1. Adla Chatila

    i missed this event
    i am sure it was very intresting

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