TechWomen Meets Princess Sumaya


Today, the TechWomen delegation visited the Princess Sumaya University for Technology to meet students and professors. We were honored also to meet Her Royal Highness, the intelligent and remarkable Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan herself, who spoke to us about her strong support for technology and entrepreneurship in Jordan. I was particularly honored to be among the members of the delegation who joined the Princess upstairs for a brief discussion about our work and the TechWomen program. I also got to speak with Professor Issa Batarseh, the capable and charming President of the university. We discussed the Plug and Play Technical Center, MentorCloud, TechWomen, and the benefits of professional mentoring. I hope that today’s meetings will result in continued and strong connections between the technical communities of Jordan and the Silicon Valley.

After the PSUT meetings, we left Amman for the Dead Sea and Petra where the TechWomen will spend a quieter time with each other before going home to our many countries.



Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson


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