Beauty in Jordan and Lebanon

In my last two weeks traveling in Jordan and Lebanon, I was delighted by the beauty of both places – different as they are. Here are some images I took not to illustrate a story but for their simple loveliness and interest.

Roman arches and columns in ancient Jerash, Jordan:
Last Import-78

Fallen stones in Jerash:
Last Import-245

Mountain trees in limestone meadow near Koura, Jordan:
Last Import-82

Caterpillar heap near Koura, Jordan:
Last Import-104

Stairs in Amman, Jordan:
Last Import-239

Stairs at the Dead Sea, Jordan:

Sandstone walls at Petra, Jordan:

Martyrs’ Square Statue in Beirut, Lebanon:
Last Import-826

Imam Ouzai Square, Beirut, Lebanon:
Last Import-916

Mediterranean sunset, Beirut, Lebanon:
Last Import-72

Near Mar Bishay Hermitage, Qozhaya, Lebanon:
Last Import-235

Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson

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