Heating, Cooling, New Ironwork

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Since I returned from my most recent trip to the Middle East, we have installed a replacement home heating and cooling system (furnace and air conditioning units), plus the last pieces of ironwork for our new porch finally arrived.  Our 1930 Willow Glen house upgrade is almost done!

We won a certificate from Valley Heating and Cooling for a new, efficient Lenox furnace in the auction at last year’s VIA charity ball and just got around to having it installed. We needed to balance the house air flow in any case, so we added two more air registers plus cooling and humidifying units at the same time. Given the changing climate patterns (“Seven of the top 10 warmest years on record for the contiguous 48 states have occurred since 1990” according to the US Environmental Protection Agency), it seems wise to plan for hotter summers.

At the same time, Brian’s Welding finished our porch railing, breakfast bar, and handrail. We still need to get the tile installed on the breakfast bar. I am glad that we added the elegant scroll handrail – and am very happy to get this project almost completed – we started work in July 2012!  Now that the railing is in, I can finally replace the mud in my former-lawn with new garden plants.


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Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinsom

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