Sacred Threads Embroidery – Chairs

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Yesterday, the Sacred Threads group at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church (Saratoga, California) displayed the first two of the chair seats they are replacing – which look very good! I wrote about the Sacred Threads embroidery ministry last year when they finished a set of beautiful kneelers for the sanctuary.

The current project is more ambitious: re-covering the many dozen chairs in both St. Andrew’s chapels. The original 50-year-old chairs were caned – but those seats are falling apart. After research, Sacred Threads group leaders found it would cost about US$300/chair to re-cane (lasts about 50 years) but only about US$250/chair to replace the old cane seats with embroidery (lasts about 200 years).  Caning has to be done professionally but church members can embroider once the materials are purchased.  This was an easy decision!  The new chair seat designs are inspired by the stained glass church windows by Mark Adams.

October 2012 – chair project presentation:

Original chairs:

Images Copyright 2012-2013 by Katy Dickinson


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3 responses to “Sacred Threads Embroidery – Chairs

  1. sounds a very expensive process… changing the seat embroidery… tough it lasts so many years ???

    • Katy Dickinson

      Fixing the chapel chairs is indeed expensive – although cheaper than buying new chairs. Sacred Threads is asking the congregation to adopt chairs – to donate the cost or part of the cost of one chair (for example, as as a memorial for a family member who has passed on). The adopted chair will get a little plaque on it about the person remembered by the donation. I think they will fix fifty chairs as a beginning project…
      Best wishes – Katy

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