Sad Lawns


The city or suburban lawn, although a delightful play place for pets and little people, is controversial -particularly in its water usage and run-off:

  • The California city of Santa Cruz offers a lawn removal rebate to encourage water conservation.
  • The US Geological Survey and others are studying how lawn fertilizer run-off may damage lakes.

Our family has been decreasing the size of our three areas of grass and creating drought-resistent gardens in their place.

John and I go for daily walks around our San Jose neighborhood of Willow Glen and naturally notice what our fellow-gardeners are doing. As we approach Easter, we now see the results of both fortunate and ill-advised Winter gardening efforts. As patchy as our back lawn is from enthusiastic dog wallowing, at least it is not the saddest lawn around!  Some neighborhood notables:

Zebra-lawn (from uneven fertilizer distribution):

Dandelion crop (too long between weeding):

Bowling lanes (from mowing when wet):

Dirt (work in progress?):

Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson

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