San Francisco Bay Area from the Sky

One of the delights in living in one of the most beautiful places on earth is seeing the San Francisco Bay Area from the sky. Each air trip is unique because of the season, time of day, cloud cover, and different flight paths. In November 2011, the last time I flew to Portland, Oregon, I saw Mount Shasta covered in snow, with no clouds. Today, our flight went straight up the east side of San Francisco Bay from San Jose – allowing pictures of the entire peninsula, the city itself, and even the tiny Farallon Islands to the far west of the Golden Gate.  Each of the five big bridges was visible as we flew by.  It was a little misty but still wonderful.





Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson


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3 responses to “San Francisco Bay Area from the Sky

  1. This is a really spectacular view of the Rural area of San Francisco. I must say that this is the first time I know that it exists…a very impressive Park and Presidio area.
    I googled it and looked at the details… it show a definite contrast between the rural and urban environment, and in impressive sharp border of the perfect rectangle.
    Yours is a great country where the environment is concerned, with great disciplined city planners and careful Governance.
    I am unable to express it !!! but I am impressed

    • Katy Dickinson

      Thank you for your always-kind words! One of the joys of San Francisco is its dozens of parks: large and small, federal-state-city-private owned, highly-gardened or wild open land. Although relatively tiny for its global presence, San Francisco is well balanced between residential, commercial, and park areas. One of the funny stories about SF’s largest open space, Golden Gate Park, is from about a hundred years ago. New York Central Park’s landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted was asked to design the new park for SF; Olmsted recommended to the city leaders that they sell what he saw as impossible sand dune wasteland to buy something more grand. You can read a history of the famous park at
      In my pictures you can see to the north of SF is Marin County, most of which is open land. There are about 100 cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, of which San Jose is the largest, followed by San Francisco and then Oakland. You can read more about how the area is managed at: Association of Bay Area Governments

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