MentorConnect with Vinod Khosla at TiEcon


I got to work with famed-venture-capitalist Vinod Khosla again today at TiEcon. “The World’s Largest Conference for Entrepreneurs” is being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the Silicon Valley, California. MentorCloud powers the TiE Silicon Valley MentorConnect program:

TiE SV MentorConnect platform, powered by MentorCloud, is an online extension to TiE’s signature mentorship programs that already happen at each of its global chapters. The platform facilitates entrepreneurs to seek and connect with suitable TiE Charter Members as mentors, schedule face-to-face meetings at TiE chapter offices or at mutually convenient locations, and build on that relationship by having ongoing conversations online with each other. Entrepreneurs and Mentors can also form roundtables and have ongoing group conversations on topics of their expertise and interest.

Part of the MentorConnect program at TiEcon is a speed mentoring at lunch, today including two VIP mentors: Vinod Khosla and Kanwal Rekhi.  These mentoring sessions were fully booked three days ago – we have waiting lists but conference attendees are still asking to join!  Since I had worked with Vinod at Sun Microsystems, I managed his mentoring session today. You can see some of my mentoring session notes on my twitter feed.

Some of the publications Vinod referenced in his talk:

Radhika Padmanabhan managed the session for Kanwal Rekhi.  The forty lucky mentees were very enthusiastic about their discussions with these two remarkable men.



More pictures are on MentorCloud at TiEcon: MentorConnect.

Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson


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