Street of Many Names


In Willow Glen, there is a block with four street names. Two of the names are official – meaning that if you sent a letter by US Mail to an address on “Alma” or “Minnesota”, it would arrive. The other names are associated with the large campus of the Assyrian Church of the East, Mar Yosip Parish which takes up most of one side of the block. Their internal driveway is “Mar Dinkha IV Blvd” but one exit is marked “Assyrian Ave” and the other  is “Mar Yosip Way” – along what would otherwise be Alma/Minnesota. The Alma/Minnesota street sign pictured above is between the exits. Fortunately, people sending mail to the parish send it to a San Jose address on Minnesota, so the many designations probably cause little confusion.

Street names in America are not-quite-random but sometimes seem so. According to the 1993 US Census, the most common US street name is “Second” – with “Third” a close second.  The street names used over 5,000 times are:

  • Second (10,866)
  • Third (10,131)
  • First (9,898)
  • Fourth (9,190)
  • Park (8,926)
  • Fifth (8,186)
  • Main (7,644)
  • Sixth (7,283)
  • Oak (6,946)
  • Seventh (6,377)
  • Pine (6,170)
  • Maple (6,103)
  • Cedar (5,644)
  • Eighth (5,524)
  • Elm (5,233)
  • View (5,202)

Willow Glen has at least one more many-named street.  About half a mile from the Alma/Minesota sign is another campus driveway which is either “Delmas” or “Wabesco” – both are clearly marked.

IMG_8930 . IMG_8931
IMG_8932 . IMG_8123

Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson

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One response to “Street of Many Names

  1. Suneeta Aggarwal

    Interesting post, Katy! I would have thought Main Street would be the most common street name in America!

    Cheers, Suneeta

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