We are looking for a publisher for the new book Triangular Partnership: The Power of the Diaspora. Your publication ideas and suggestions are welcome.  “Triangular Partnership” is a term used by People to People (P2P) to describe the relationship between three global groups:

  • Diaspora
  • Developing Countries Institutions
  • Western Institutions

People to People (P2P) is a MentorCloud partner, a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care, reducing the spread of diseases, and providing technical assistance in promoting and improving environmental health – particularly in Ethiopia and in diaspora communities.  P2P Founder and President is Ethiopian-born neurologist Enawgaw Mehari, MD.

Chapters are by selected experts and are less than 15 pages each in length.  About half are done and the remainder are due in a week.  Each chapter is being reviewed by one of six Associate Editors for content and quality, and we have started the process of verifying the reference bibliographies. As a sample, you can see MentorCloud’s chapter “Professional Mentoring – Fostering Triangular Partnership”. Other chapter topics include:

  1. “Leveraging Information Technology Infrastructure to Maximize Triangular Partnership Programs”
  2. “Triangular Partnerships: Strategies for Scalability and Sustainability”
  3. “An Introspective Look at the Failure of International Aid in Africa”
  4. “Ethiopian Diaspora: a missed opportunity?”
  5. “Needs Assessment is the Rationale for the Triangular Partnership”

The audience for Triangular Partnership: The Power of the Diaspora includes government, international finance, and foreign affairs world leaders, in addition to university professors, reasearchers and students (and, of course, the associates and customers of the authors and their companies and organizations).

P2P is writing this book to challenge standard-thinking with regard to Africa, Ethiopia and their diaspora communities in light of triangular partnership.  In particular, to bring new consideration of the power of the diaspora to effect change in developing countries in Africa. We plan to be done with the content editing by the end of July 2013 – and to distribute a version at the 5th Annual Global Ethiopian Diaspora Conference on Health Care and Medical Education (28 September 2013 in Washington DC).

Dr. Enawgaw Mehari and Dr. Kinfe Ggebeyehu are managing the Triangular Partnership project – I am serving as the general editor.

Image Copyright People to People 2012

19 October 2019: Links Updated. The conference version of the book Triangular Partnership: The Power of the Diaspora is available for free download 


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2 responses to “Publisher?

  1. Why not self publish? It’s so easy now, and you are more in control. Or you may want to look at Greenleaf Book Group, which has a hybrid model that looks appealing.

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