WP668 Caboose Clinic – Questions?


I am signed up to give a “Caboose Clinic” to the Coast Division of the National Model Railroad Association on 8 December 2013 in San Leandro, California. More event details are on the Pacific Coast Region Master Calendar. Check out the website of WP668, our San Jose  backyard caboose for more about our family project.

Last Friday, I joined my husband John Plocher’s model train lunch group to interview the target market for my clinic. Here are the questions the train lunch guys want answered:

  • How did you find WP668?
  • How did you install WP668 in your Willow Glen backyard?
  • How much did the caboose project cost?
  • In restoring WP668, what did you discover that was unexpected or odd?
  • How did you match the paint color?  What went into the original paint? How did you get the original paint off?

They also asked me to show many many pictures and to include the following:

  • Tell the story of getting the city permit submitted and approved.
  • Talk about restoration materials – how you got wood to fit the 1916 old-growth fir tongue-and-groove original boards.

Please add more to this list of questions and topics – and come to the event if you are available.


Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson

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