TechWomen: Next Steps, Open Source


We Mentors are sad to see our 78 TechWomen Mentees start their travels home today to their 16 countries in Africa and the Middle East. This has been a life-changing program for all of us.  It will take time to process our experiences and understanding and to decide what to do next. Larissa and I just sadly said goodbye to our Mentee Imen who just started her long trip home to Algeria. Our parting advice to her had to do with open source.

All TechWomen emerging leaders are impressive and accomplished.  This group of 78 was selected from almost 2,000 applicants.  Some of them already know their next steps. Janet (pictured with me above, at the US State Department) is raising four sons, teaching Electrical Engineering at a technical college, and running a K-12 school with 450 students in Cameroon. Busy lady!

Imen spent this month working with Larissa at Mozilla working on open source software. When she gets home, Imen’s co-workers, family, and friends are going to ask about her TechWomen experience – and open source will be part of that discussion. Here are some of the websites Larissa and I recommend for newbies to open source:


Image Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson

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