Caboose Clinic: The Adventures of WP668


I presented a “Caboose Clinic” to the Coast Division of the National Model Railroad Association on 8 December 2013 in San Leandro, California. The title of my talk was “The Adventures of WP668 1916-2013: Buying and Restoring a Western Pacific Caboose”. You can see additional information about the backyard caboose in which I have my office on WP668’s web page: About forty guys and one woman attended my clinic. I was glad that they asked so many questions and seemed to have a good time.

As always, my thanks and appreciation to all who have made WP668’s long adventures possible, especially:

WP668 today:

WP668 in active service, 1971:
Used with permission of Don Marenzi

Images Copyright 1971 by Don Marenzi, and 2013 by Katy Dickinson and John Plocher

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