Pete Dickinson on Front Page


More recent Dickinson family news… my brother Pete Dickinson (aka Peter S. Dickinson, Partner at Bush Gottlieb in Glendale, CA) was pictured on the front cover of the Los Angeles Daily Journal in the lead article “Health Law Unfair to Unions, Lawyers Say” (by Laura Hautala).  The news photo caption says: “Peter S. Dickinson, an attorney with Bush, Gottlieb, Singer, Lopez, Kohanski, Adelstein & Dickinson who represent labor interests, says unions are not happy with a provision of the Affordable Care Act they say is unfair to them.”

The LA Daily Journal articles are not online, so Pete is pictured on the left above with two Thanksgiving friends.  Since Pete does not read my blog anyway, he will not mind this silly picture. I am very proud of Pete!

Image Copyright 2014 by Katy Dickinson


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2 responses to “Pete Dickinson on Front Page

  1. Pete

    Hey, I read it. Just erratically

  2. Steve

    But I read it! Steve

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