Don’t You Have Any Friends?


A group of us TechWomen US State Department mentoring program delegates arrived in Rabat, Morocco, yesterday and we have been having delightful adventures ever since. Unfortunately, I can upload my photos to my TechWomen photo collection but the hotel wifi is flakey so I mostly cannot see them once uploaded.

We have made a friend in Lamia Bounahmidi (CEO of startup venture Looly’s Couscous) who has been showing us her home country. Today we got very lost driving to Fez. Apparently, the Fez road signs were removed for a construction project. When Lamia asked for directions, the toll taker asked “Don’t you have any friends? They should have told you!” We ended up following signs to Kinitra and then signs to Khemisset and then signs to Fez by using what Lamia calls Moroccan GPS – rolling down the window and asking for help frequently. Finally in Fez, we went shopping and walked miles among the lovely old buildings. I bought spices in the souq, and a rug at Dar Benhayoune (also called Dar Zaoula) in Fez, then we drove back to enjoy an amazing traditional dinner at Dinarjat in Rabat.

Our TechWomen official tour is tomorrow.

Image Copyright 2014 by Katy Dickinson


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2 responses to “Don’t You Have Any Friends?

  1. Maryann Hrichaj

    Moroccan GPS!!! LOVE that! And love Magical Fez too;)

  2. Webmonarch

    If you see any honey and can legally export it, I just finished my Lebanese honey and will trade you Seattle coffee for it 🙂

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