TechWomen Morocco Delegation – Day 2 – Rabat

Technopolis-best 9 March 2014 by Kelsey Brannan

To start our first day of TechWomen delegation meetings in Rabat, Morocco, we asked many questions at our US Embassy briefing (held at the lovely and delicious Riad Dinarjat restaurant). We then visited the Rabat Technopolis to hear from local entrepreneurs, followed by a lively discussion with women students of the University of Rabat (IUR). Our official photographer Kelsey Brannan generously sent me the Technopolis group photo above to include here.

In the evening, the mentors participated in a form of musical chairs called “Speed Geek” to hear seven of our own TechWomen Emerging Leaders from the classes of 2011, 2012, and 2013 telling us of their startups, ideas, and adventures in business and technology.  It is one of the great joys of professional life to hear from successful mentees – we are so proud of them!






Images Copyright 2014 by Katy Dickinson – except for group photo at top: by Kelsey Brannan, US State Department Copyright 2014

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