Done is Better Than Perfect

Done Is Better Than Perfect


My motto has long been “Done is Better Than Perfect“.  I find myself saying it many times to my mentees, and they sometimes ask where it is from.

The quote is dated about 1979, by Anne Mollegen Smith, former Editor-in-Chief of major magazines including Redbook, and Working Woman. “Done is Better Than Perfect” is one of the sayings picked up by Facebook and popularized in a series of posters around 2010. It is sometimes attributed to Sheryl Sandberg, who was about ten when Anne Mollegen Smith first popularized it!

I think I first saw it on a quote-a-day calendar my mother gave me many decades ago. I kept that paper scrap pinned over my desk for many years.

Copyright 2014 Image by Katy Dickinson, plus 25 November 2014 image from Everwise (added 4 Dec 2014)


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3 responses to “Done is Better Than Perfect

  1. Hi katy .. really good strong Quote, I was thinking of write a blog about it and how this quote changed my mind of many things .

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  3. The printed quote is from a Woman’s Page-a-day calendar put together by Tonice Sgrignoli.

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