What I will miss about my long commute

As of tomorrow, I am no longer commuting 1-1/2 hours each way over the fifty miles up the San Francisco peninsula from San Jose. San Francisco and San Jose have the negative distinction of being two of the top ten worst traffic areas in the USA. While I rejoice to have that part of my life back, surprisingly, I find that I will miss some aspects of the terrible commute.  I will miss…

Spending three hours every day with my husband. John is the Principle Architect in Seagate’s San Francisco office. We sometimes take CalTrain but mostly we drive together. Usually during the drive, I am reading aloud to John from Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices, or from the Bible as part of my EfM homework, or interesting stories from the news of the day. IMG_4657
Seeing funny cars on the freeway – like this huge flatbed with a tiny toy truck strapped on. P1250410
Rainbows at dawn. IMG_4961
Watching from the train for developments in the homeless encampment by the tracks. P1260416

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