They Are Here! TechWomen Emerging Leaders Playing Cards Arrived

As of January 2015, these cards are available for sale on Notable Technical Women.


The box of 30 TechWomen Emerging Leaders playing card decks honoring 54 technical women from 16 countries in the Middle East and Africa just arrived! The Emerging Leaders are alumnae of the US State Department, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs mentoring program hosted in Silicon Valley annually.  This is a daughter of the Notable Women in Computing project.  The TechWomen Emerging Leaders posters (now being printed) and card decks will go with me on the South Africa for the TechWomen Delegation this week.  Thanks to Jessica Dickinson Goodman and to Eileen Brewer for their work on the TechWomen Emerging Leaders project.




20 January 2015 – The posters are printed too!


Images Copyright by Katy Dickinson and John Plocher 2015



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2 responses to “They Are Here! TechWomen Emerging Leaders Playing Cards Arrived

  1. Adla

    Thank you Katy Jessica and Eileen
    For the perfection of this work
    Katy you look wonderful in this new photo
    Wish you a wonderful trip

  2. Wow, Thank you all for the work you have done! It is really interested .
    Have a safe and fun trip!

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