Distributing Cards to TechWomen Honorees


I am traveling to South Africa today (starting on Thursday and arriving Saturday) as part of the TechWomen Delegation.  I will be carrying “TechWomen Emerging Leaders from Africa and the Middle East” playing card decks and posters honoring 54 technical women from 16 countries in the Middle East and Africa.  These proud alumnae of the US State Department, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs‘ TechWomen mentoring program are featured as worthy role models for women and girls from around the world. Jessica Dickinson Goodman, Eileen Brewer, and I have enjoyed developing this project and are honored to work with such remarkable technical women.

I will be giving each Emerging Leader honoree her own individual playing card with my letter of thanks and appreciation. Some envelopes will go directly to South Africa TechWomen Delegation members who are also honorees, and others will travel with those honorees to be handed off when they get back to their home countries. I wish that we had enough funding to give each honoree a full card deck but we only raised enough seed money to print a very limited number for the first edition.

Jessica is now developing (and Susan Rodger and I are testing) a new ecommerce site to sell these TechWomen Emerging Leader materials, as well as the Notable Women in Computing educational materials.  Since our Kickstarter project ended, we have gotten many requests for card decks and posters. I will announce when they will be available for public sale soon.

“TechWomen Emerging Leaders from Africa and the Middle East” is the first publication of the TechWomen Alumnae group, and is a daughter of the “Notable Women in Computing” project.  More daughter projects are now in development.


Images Copyright 2015 by Katy Dickinson

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