More Photos of TechWomen with Cards


Thanks to the honorees and supporters of the Notable Technical Women Project – particularly the amazing and talented TechWomen community! Here are new photos of TechWomen Director Arezoo Miot with a “TechWomen Emerging Leaders from Africa and the Middle East” deck in San Francisco, and four honorees in Lebanon holding their individual cards: Adla Chatila, Nisreen Deeb, Sukaina Al-Nasrawi (birthday girl!), and Maysoun Ibrahim.

More pictures of TechWomen honorees with their cards are on Notable Technical Women Project (27 February 2015).

Arezoo Miot, TechWomen 2015

Adla Chatila, Sukaina Al-Nasrawi, Nisreen Deeb, Maysoun Ibrahim, TechWomen 2015

Images Copyright 2015 by Katy Dickinson and Nisreen Deeb


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3 responses to “More Photos of TechWomen with Cards

  1. amina benhamou

    Hi, katy, I don’t receive my card; I give you myrom A lgeria adress but …..?Please confirm to me that you have send it.Amina BENHAMOU from Algeria.

    Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 21:11:52 +0000 To:

    • Katy Dickinson

      Racha generously agreed to bring the individual cards to honorees in Algeria – I handed them off to her today. Thanks – Katy

  2. Katy Dickinson

    Hi Amina – I am bringing the honoree cards I did not distribute in South Africa with me on the TechWomen Delegation to Tunisia next week. I will find someone to bring yours to you! Thanks for your patiences and best wishes. – Katy

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