Wonderful Tunisian Food


Since arriving in Tunis on Friday, I have had two excellent Tunisian meals (and too much disappointing hotel “food”). The first memorable meal was lunch at a small roadside restaurant where we ate grilled lamb and chicken spiced with rosemary, with a salad of roasted green peppers with olives, and Khobz Tabouna bread.

Last night, a group of us were lucky enough to be invited to dinner at the Tunis home of the gracious and generous TechWomen Alumna Ameni Channoufi who served us

  • green pepper salad with olives, egg, and tuna
  • fresh crusty baguette-shaped bread
  • mixed green salad with vegetables and meat
  • couscous with vegetables and lamb and egg and garbanzo beans and raisins
  • lamb frittata (called a tagine – but very different from the Moroccan dish of that name)
  • fruit and sweets
  • green tea with mint and pine nuts

Delicious! I am looking forward to tasting more lovely dishes during my week here with the TechWomen Delegation (but I am avoiding the tasty but very hot red harissa chili pepper paste).









Images Copyright 2015 by Katy Dickinson

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