Congratulations to 1st Certified Mentors!

Dr. Jeannice Fairrer Samani - Certified Mentor - with TechWomen

Yesterday, I enjoyed presenting the “How to Be an Effective Mentor: Best Practices Workshop” – the first of two such events for TechWomen 2015 mentors. Juniper Networks generously hosted us yesterday in Sunnyvale, California. Tomorrow’s workshop for TechWomen mentors is being hosted by IIE in San Francisco. At the end of the workshop, I congratulated Dr. Jeannice Fairrer Samani, the most recent Certified Mentor of Mentoring Standard – and presented her certificate. Jeannice has been a TechWomen mentor for many years and we are honored to include her on the Honor Roll.  Mentoring Standard‘s first Certified Mentor was Eileen Brewer – who was also present yesterday to welcome Jeannice into our growing community of remarkable contributors with deep experience, who have done the work of helping people to achieve their goals and grow their careers.

Eileen Brewer, Certified Mentor

What Certification Means
Mentoring Standard certifies mentors who can prove they hold within themselves the following 3 qualities:

  1. Significant Experience in Mentoring.
  2. Good Reputation.
  3. Respectable Professional Experience.

More: Get Certified.

Kathy Jenks and John Plocher, Certified Mentor . Dr. Taghrid Samak, Certified Mentor

Certification Benefits to Mentors

  • Establishes a public record of successful and effective mentoring and growth.
  • Demonstrates a sustained pattern of leadership and career development.
  • Provides objective credentials for an otherwise largely­-subjective experience.
  • Allows the individual to transfer his or her mentoring experience to a new context, job or professional program.
  • Identifies areas to develop and improve both personally and professionally.
  • Documents progression of learning and growth over time as a mentor through three levels: regular, advanced, and master.
  • Creates a long-term mentoring career path from mentee through master mentor.
  • Allows senior mentors to use their own path to certification as an example and guide for their mentees.

More: Get Certified.

James P. Hughes, Certified Mentor

Images Copyright 2015 Katy Dickinson and Kathy Jenks

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