Mentoring Best Practices Panel and Video


The Mentoring Best Practices panel video is now posted!

The Mentoring Best Practices Panel Discussion on 10 March 2016 was presented by the TechWomen Alumnae Council and Ericsson Women in Leadership. Speakers: Katy Dickinson, Judy Little, Robert Loftis, Myra Nawabi, Manali Rane, Leslie Summerfield. Hosted at Ericsson in San Jose, California, (Silicon Valley) by Audrey Simpson. Questions addressed: How do you get a mentor? What is the benefit of mentoring? Why be a mentor? What do mentors do? What do mentees get? What does the host organization get? Formal versus informal mentoring? Internal versus external mentoring? Senior vs. junior mentees? Apprehension when applying to mentoring programs? Differences between easy and hard mentees? What is formal mentoring like? What are powerful questions? How do you evaluate success? How does mindfulness fit into coaching/mentoring? What surprised you the most? Mentee feedback experiences? What can a mentee do for their mentor? What is the optimal age for mentoring?

The panel handout provides more biographical details on the speakers.  Thanks to John Plocher for the video taping, editing, and production – much appreciated!



Photos 2016 Copyright by Maryann Hrichak

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