Hillary Clinton in San Jose

Hillary Clinton and Gavin Newsom San Jose 26 May 2016

Hillary Clinton spoke in downtown San Jose, California, yesterday.  My husband John Plocher was able to go but I was stuck at the Superior Court – Hall of Justice for Jury Duty (the lawyers settled after an hour – so I was not even called out of the waiting room – sigh).

Secretary Clinton took quite a while to arrive on the stage but the audience of about a thousand got to hear from San Jose Vice Mayor Rose Herrera, City Councilwoman Magdalena Carrasco, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez, California State Assemblyman Evan Low, and California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom before she spoke.

John took many pictures and recorded videos so that I could hear her impressive talk. Every time I hear her, I am more certain that Hillary Clinton is our best candidate for US President.  Her deep experience, insight, intelligence and excellent executive leadership skills are remarkable – especially in contrast to her political competition.

In yesterday’s crowd, a heckler stood near John and kept shouting insults so that no one else could hear. Instead of violence (as the news has increasingly reported of the Bernie Sanders campaign and also of the Donald Trump campaign), attendees at the Hillary Clinton rally started chanting “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary” every time the heckler spoke until he finally shut up.

San Jose calls itself The Capital of the Silicon Valley and is the 10th largest city in the USA – bigger than San Francisco but somehow always seeming smaller and less sophisticated.  Secretary Clinton yesterday called San Jose “a city that is all about the future” of the economy and our society. San Francisco and San Jose are about fifty miles apart, connected by two of the ten worst traffic areas in the USA. I was glad that Secretary Clinton came to visit us in San Jose and am so sorry I could not see her in person. On 8 July 2011, I got to hear her presentation to the inaugural group of TechWomen in Washington DC, but that is the closest I have come so far!

John Plocher waiting for Hillary Clinton 26 May 2016

Hillary Clinton San Jose CA 26 May 2016

Hillary Clinton San Jose CA 26 May 2016

Hillary Clinton San Jose CA 26 May 2016

Photos Copyright 2016 by John Plocher

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