Day 2, Episcopal General Convention

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry GC79 worship 5 July 2018, Austin TX

This was the first legislative session day of the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church “GC79” (in Austin, Texas).  I am with the Deputation of the Diocese of El Camino Real (Central California).  After a brief meeting of the House of Deputies, today opened with an inspiring worship service, featuring a rousing sermon by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on The Way of Love.  I was able to get a picture of Bishop Michael dancing with the moms and little kids in the Children’s Area up front.

There was some fun at the start of the day when the House of Deputies sent its opening greetings to the House of Bishops – and to Bishop Michael – by way of about twenty Delegates named Michael, wearing caps that said “Michael”. The greeting committee spontaneously serenaded the bishops with the song “Michael Row Your Boat Ashore.”  The House of Bishops sent their own greetings to the House of Deputies through a male and a female bishop solemnly wearing sparkly plastic tiaras above their purple shirts and white collars.

I made several tours of the GC79 Exhibit Area, to talk with University of the South – Education for Ministry staff at their booth, visit the Episcopal Shoppe bookstore (where I purchased the book Living Into God’s Dream for signing by author Professor Catherine Meeks), and shop with several of the vendors selling African and other crafts.

Before the late afternoon legislative session, I was able to attend a fascinating panel featuring the Rev. Ruth Casipit Paguio and the Rev. Robin Denney on “Race in the Communion: Formation and Intentional Discipleship” – and got to sit in the audience with Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves.  The most important resolution considered (and approved) today by the House of Deputies was B014 Director’s Fees for the President of the House of Deputies.

These blog posts and other GC79 news are posted on the Diocese of El Camino Real website.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry with kids at GC79 worship, 5 July 2018, Austin TX

Episcopal Diocese El Camino Real GC79 Delegation with Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves, 4 July 2018, Austin TX

Rev. Nancy Frausto Handing out The Way of Love for Presiding Bishop Curry GC79, 5 July 2018, Austin TX

GC79 exhibit vendor 5 July 2018 Austin TX

Professor Catherine Meeks signing book GC79, 5 July 2018, Austin TX

Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves, Rev. Ruth Casipit Paguio, Robin Denney at GC79, 5 July 2018, Austin TX

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3 responses to “Day 2, Episcopal General Convention

  1. Jane Russell

    Thanks Katy for keeping us up to date with great commentary & photos!

  2. Jane Russell

    Thanks Katy for keeping us up to date with great commentary & photos!

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