Day 9, General Convention

Alternates and Deputies in GC79 House of Deputies at border wall between house floor and side gallery on 12 July 2018

This was the eighth legislative session day of the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church “GC79” (in Austin, Texas).  I am with the Deputation of the Diocese of El Camino Real (Central California).

Today was a hard march through dozens of complex resolutions.  Everyone is very tired.  Some of the major resolutions passed today include:

Sometimes the House of Deputies took refuge in silly songs and pigeon jokes but mostly we stuck seriously to business.  The House of Bishops ended today’s session early because the Deputies had not finished enough to pass along.  Both houses meet again starting at 8 am tomorrow for the final legislative day.

Bishop Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows (of Indianapolis) gave an inspiring sermon at the closing worship service, ending with “You know what to do.  You have got this.  Now go!”  The El Camino Real Deputation met after the service to eat a pecan pie given to Bishop Mary by the Bishop of Texas.  It was delicious! Bishop DeeDee Duncan-Probe (of Central New York) stopped by to greet Bishop Mary, as well as El Camino Real former-Chancellor Nancy Cohen, and me – she knows Nancy and me from when we were at All Saints’ – Palo Alto together.

These blog posts and other GC79 news are posted on the Diocese of El Camino Real website.

Pigeon comedy GC79 on 12 July 2018

House of Bishops GC79 on 12 July 2018

Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real Deputation GC79 worshiping on 12 2018

Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry ending worship service GC79 on 12 July 2018

Bishops Mary Gray-Reeves ⁦of El Camino Real and DeeDee Duncan-Probe of Central New York GC79 on 12 July 2018

Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real Deputation GC79 with pie on 12 2018

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