Road Trip Circumnavigating Nevada

Jessica and I are on a road trip to six national parks and seven states, not including Nevada! We started driving early this morning and are now eating lunch outside of Bakersfield. We have already visited the L.T.Sue Tea Emporium in Hanford’s China Alley, and Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park. I am also trying out blogging from my phone.

Photos Copyright 2019 by Katy Dickinson


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2 responses to “Road Trip Circumnavigating Nevada

  1. Toni Deser

    So what inspired you guys to take this scenic road trip? And are you planning to stop at Great Basin Nat’l Park, by any random chance? Only asking because my husband & I just happen to be heading there next Tuesday-Friday;/

  2. Toni Deser

    No this one is in Nevada near the Utah border & called “*Great* Basin” and its rarely visited because there’s very little press about it.
    A friend told me about it about a year ago.
    Then the NYT wrote about it.
    Its got caves & lakes apparently!

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