Accepted in GTU Interreligious Chaplaincy

Mashallah - God has willed it - on cedar from Lebanon 2013 Mashallah – God has willed it (from Lebanon)

I am glad to report that I was just accepted into the new Interreligious Chaplaincy certificate program of the Graduate Theological Union! I am finishing my Master of Arts – Theology program at GTU this year. I just turned in my last two papers for Spring semester and I am approved to begin thesis research this summer. I start my chaplaincy studies this Fall.

Interreligious Chaplaincy: Program Overview
Welcoming first cohort of students in Fall 2020
The first of its kind, the GTU’s interreligious chaplaincy program equips leaders to practice spiritual care among diverse populations. The program offers students the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Interreligious Chaplaincy, as well as an MA in Islamic, Jewish or Hindu Studies–religious traditions underrepresented among institutional chaplains. The certificate will also be open to students who have previously earned a qualifying master’s degree. The program is scheduled to welcome its first cohort of students in Fall 2020.

My  Interreligious Chaplaincy focus will be Islamic Studies. As a TechWomen mentor for emerging STEM leaders in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia (since 2010), Christian volunteer jail chaplain with the Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy (since 2015), and Islamic Networks Group Interfaith Speaker (since 2017), I have found many opportunities to discuss and learn about Christianity and Islam. I am eager to gain a more academic understanding of Islamic Studies and chaplaincy.

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