MA Thesis Presentation

Katy on Zoom, 19 Feb 2021

On 7 March 2021, I presented about my GTU Master’s Thesis “Range of Chaplain Engagement with Prisoners” to about forty people in my home parish, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church (Saratoga, California) via Zoom (and broadcast to the church courtyard). I linked my slides here to make it easier to follow along. Here is the link to the video recording.

I have not yet posted the whole thesis – I think the GTU Library will be doing that eventually. I am still in the process of getting the final thesis signatures and the library is one of the last that needs to approve it.

St Andrews, 7 Mar 2021

22 April 2021 – This presentation has been given several times, most recently to the GTU Religion and Practice Department, and a Kairos volunteer group. Please contact me if you would me to speak.

8 March 2021 – updated text, added video link, and photo

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2 responses to “MA Thesis Presentation

  1. My friend Bill forwarded this to me. Thank you. I found the information on the PMET tool particularly useful. I am studying for a Certificate in Correction Ministry from the Prison Ministries Institute at Wheaton.

    • Thanks for your note, Joel. I am linking up the recording of my talk now so you can listen. Best wishes for your success in Correction Ministry at the Prison Ministries Institute at Wheaton.


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