Reading My Thesis

Katy Dickinson Master's Thesis, Range of Chaplain Engagement with Prisoners, 23 Jan 2021
Katy Dickinson Master’s Thesis, “Range of Chaplain Engagement with Prisoners,” 23 Jan 2021

I have been trying to figure out how someone could actually read my Graduate Theological Union Master’s thesis since it was published by ProQuest. This turns out to be complex. If you go to the ProQuest website (or the Graduate Theological Union Library website), you can read the first 24 pages of my thesis for free. If you want to read the entire 180 pages, here are some ways.

The easiest way is if you have access to a major library because you are, for example, a current student, professor, or member of a university alumni association. In this case:

  • Log into the major library online
  • Go to 
  • Go to “ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global” and select CONNECT
  • Search for:
    • Range of Chaplain Engagement with Prisoners
    • Dickinson, Katy. 
    • Graduate Theological Union, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2021. 28721609.
  • Select “Download PDF”

You may also be able to go the physical library itself (for example, to the Graduate Theological Union Library in Berkeley, California) and read the whole thesis there for free.

The next easiest way costs money but does not require library access. You can go to the following web page and pay for immediate PDF download access to publication ID 28721609 for $41.

I will continue trying to figure out other ways to make my thesis more readily available but that is what I have discovered so far. Yes, I know I could publish it here on my blog but I have been told that may mess up future publication opportunities. So, I am trying to work through ProQuest for now. I appreciate your patience.

20 Nov 2021 addition: Here is what the printed thesis looks like

Katy Dickinson GTU- MA Thesis 2021
Katy Dickinson GTU- MA Thesis 2021

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