GC-80, Episcopal General Convention

Episcopal General Convention 80, 8 July 2022
Episcopal General Convention 80 in Baltimore, 8 July 2022

I am part of the deputation of the Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real (ECR) to the General Convention (“GC-80”) in Baltimore, Maryland, this week. This is the eightieth General Convention since the House of Deputies was formed in 1785. (The House of Bishops was formed in 1789.) This is the third time I have been part of an ECR deputation: you can read about my adventures at GC-79-Austin and GC-78-Salt-Lake-City on this blog. Many of us arrived in Baltimore from California and registered yesterday. Today is the first day of business. The Episcopal Church has taken many measures to try to minimize the potential danger of the pandemic to GC participants. For example, GC-80 was postponed for a year, the event was shortened from two weeks to four days, all participants must prove that they are vaccinated or exempted, and we all must mask and test every day. This morning’s sessions opened with worship, including an inspiring sermon by our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.

Baltimore is different than where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, especially in terms of water. It is hot and humid here and rain is frequent, unlike our drought-plagued west. Attending a convention in a big city presents dangers beyond the pandemic. As we were arriving at our hotel, a man was killed on the street nearby. Tonight, Bishops Against Gun Violence is holding a prayer service for him.

Episcopal General Convention 80, 8 July 2022
Episcopal General Convention 80, 8 July 2022

Additional photos after the legislative session:

9 July 2022 update: check out the Diocese of El Camino Real daily GC-80 “Updates from the Floor

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