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108 Technical Role Models and Mentors

As of January 2015, these cards and posters are available for sale on Notable Technical Women.

IMG_1379 . IMG_1380

I am proud to present 108 role models and mentors.  Each of these technical women has earned her place through remarkable accomplishments and experience:

You may know that after selling out the first edition of Notable Women playing cards at the Hopper Conference, Dr. Susan Rodger (Computer Science, Duke University), Jessica Dickinson Goodman, and I created the Notable Women in Computing Kickstarter, which was crowd funded by generous backers at five times our original asking. Since then, Jessica has ably managed our production and shipping. Card decks and posters shipped last month to not only our backers but also to 500 educators around the world (USA, Netherlands, Scotland, Nigeria, Lebanon, New Zealand, India…). We are now getting many photos of the cards and posters “in the wild” from teachers and schools, companies, and even from honorees. Susan and Jessica and I are discussing our next steps for the project, since we are still getting new requests for decks and posters. Jessica is setting up an ecommerce site for future purchases and new customers. More news on that soon…

“Notable Women in Computing” has also inspired many daughter projects – including the “TechWomen Emerging Leaders” poster and card decks (for which Jessica was also the designer!) – now in production to go to South Africa for the TechWomen Delegation next week.

A role model is a person whose behavior, example, or success is emulated by others, especially by younger people. That is, a role model can inspire without ever communicating directly with the person whose life they have touched. Mentors, on the other hand, advise and inspire directly. In short, practical terms:

  • Mentors make introductions.
  • Mentors give recommendations to resources.
  • Mentors give feedback for the mentee to consider.

I am lucky to know many of the 108 women honored here personally. My respect for this group could not be higher. Most of the “Notable Women in Computing” group have been role models and mentors to generations of students and rising professionals. When I have served on the selection committees for TechWomen Emerging Leaders, one of the most common hopes I read in their application essays is for an opportunity to give back to their community and to help girls learn to use and love technology.  I have also heard this aspiration over and over from my own amazing TechWomen mentees.

Please help spread the news of these amazing technical leaders.   In August 2013, I wrote about Getting Beyond Marie Curie – developing information and awareness about other great women tole models. Here are 108.

Both Posters: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 U.S. License

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Expert Mentoring Advice: Best Practices / Worst Practices

7 Best Practices _ Worst Practices

I think this has been the single most popular 1-page mentoring summary I ever published:

“Best Practices / Worst Practices” may have been published in other places as well – please tell me if you see it!
12/27/2014: another reference published by

To get “Mentoring in a Box” free:

9/16/2015 update: Several of the documents in “Mentoring in a Box” have been updated and are available by Mentoring Standard.


Steven Spielberg

Sara Blakely

“Expert Mentoring Advice: Best Practices / Worst Practices” is adapted from “Sun Mentoring: 1996-2009” SMLI TR-2009-18, by Katy Dickinson, Tanya Jankot, and Helen Gracon. Copyright 2009, Sun Microsystems, Inc.. All rights reserved. Unlimited copying without fee is permitted provided that the copies are not made nor distributed for direct commercial advantage, and credit to the source is given.

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Notable Woman in Computing Duy-Loan Le


I was honored to talk with Duy-Loan Le in San Francisco yesterday about mentoring, and about the Notable Women in Computing playing card and poster project in which she is one of the 54 honorees. You can read updates about the ongoing “Notable Women” production on my daughter Jessica’s webpage and on our Kickstarter page.

Duy-Loan Le is a wise and very successful person and technical leader. I have heard her story several times in keynote speeches: her life and remarkable accomplishments are inspiring.  Duy-Loan Le’s second edition card reads:

  • Senior Fellow-Texas Instruments, WITI Hall of Fame, ABI Women of Vision, Golden Torch Award for Exemplary Citizenship in the Vietnamese American community.
  • For contributions to Digital Signal Processor microelectronics technology, and as the 1st woman and 1st Asian TI Senior Fellow.

Thanks to Everwise Founder and CEO Mike Bergelson for taking our picture!

Image Copyright 2014 by Katy Dickinson

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10 Hours Left in Kickstarter: Notable Women in Computing

Notable Women in Computing Deck

There are only ten hours left to support Notable Women in Computing playing cards! We have already raised $14,621 to print the second edition (487% of our initial goal). There have been nominations for dozens of schools, teachers, and programs to receive the donated decks and posters. If you want to buy more cards or posters (for yourself, your institution, or to donate), please go to the website soon:

While you are on the Kickstarter site, also check out the 12 updates and new videos we have posted – including some new funding categories:

After the Kickstarter ends, we will enter the production phase – to get cards and posters to those people and institutions who have so generously supported us. As a follow up to this project, I encourage you to write Wikipedia articles on Notable Women in Computing. Instructions and guidance are on Duke University’s webpage: CRA-W and Anita Borg Institute Wikipedia Project – Writing Wikipedia Pages for Notable Women in Computing.

Thanks to Jessica for the image above, in her Final Inspirational Hand of the Week blog post.

Update: About four hours ago, our Kickstarter closed after raising $15,010 in crowd funding. That is, we made 500% of goal. Thanks to our great team: my daughter Jessica Dickinson Goodman, and Dr. Susan Rodger (Duke University). It is a pleasure to work with you!

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Shipping to Notable Women in Computing


My big job today is to ship Notable Women in Computing playing card sets to the (living) honorees who did not pick up their cards at the Hopper Conference (GHC14). Professor Susan Rodger (Duke University) and I have been collecting addresses – mostly directly from the honorees. We still do not have them all but I plan to ship about thirty out today. Since Jessica had to do such a quick first and second printing to support demand at GHC14, we have to add stickers by hand to the boxes – thanking the sponsors Duke University Computer Science and Everwise. I picked up the stickers yesterday.  My next step this morning is to buy shipping materials…

Image Copyright 2014 by Katy Dickinson

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Civic Ironwork Playing Cards


I am blessed with a smart, creative, and loving daughter! Jessica and I have been working for months with Dr. Susan Rodger of Duke University on our Notable Women in Computing poster and card decks for the Hopper Conference (GHC14). Our success there lead to the equally-successful Notable Women in Computing Card Deck Kickstarter project – already funded at over 200%, with three weeks to go! In between all of this work, Jessica quietly created and shipped me my own deck of cards as a birthday present. She took photos from my Civic Ironwork – Manhole Covers collection and made a lovely set with this text on the back:

  • I am interested in the design and age of signs and marks under foot in a city.
  • I have recently collected images of manhole covers from Marrakech, Morocco to Portland, Oregon.
  • I am delighted by the variety and personality expressed in this most-humble of civic street elements.

What a wonderful gift! What an amazing daughter!  Thank you thank you thank you!

Image copyright 2014 by Katy Dickinson


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Kickstarter Open: “Notable Women in Computing Card Deck”


Our Kickstarter crowd funding request to support the second edition of the “Notable Women in Computing Card Deck” is now open!

Women have been leaders in computing from the start, but not enough of our contributions are remembered.

Keep our history.

Help fund a “Notable Women in Computing Card Deck” featuring 54 remarkable women in computer science. Give a deck to a cousin who’s not sure if girls can be engineers. Bring it to your poker night to make a point. Learn more about the history and future of women in computer science. By becoming a Backer, you help us bring the cost of producing these decks from $18/deck to $10/deck and ship decks to educators who can’t afford them.

This Kickstarter is to fund a printing of the second edition. We’re distributing the first edition at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) right now and want to incorporate our lessons-learned in the second edition.

Professor Susan Rodger, my daughter Jessica Dickinson Goodman, and I welcome your support.

Notable Women in Computing_Full House1

If you are at GHC14 – check out our poster:

Susan Rodger GHC14 poster1 8oct14 photo 1

Image Copyright 2014 by Susan Rodger

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