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Using Twitter to Create Black-positive Monument List

Martin Luther King Memorial Washington DC 2015

When friends and family find out I use Twitter daily, they often ask: “But what is it good for?” I finally have a good answer to this!

On 30 May 2017, I responded to a tweet from Brittany Packnett, who has almost 75K Twitter followers and describes herself as: “#BlackWomenAtWork. Educator. Activist. Speaker. Writer. @BuildLovePower creator. @TeachForAmerica VP. #CampaignZero Co-Founder. Obama Appointee. Thoughts mine.” We asked for suggestions for a list of Black-positive monuments in the US. Within a short time, there were dozens of replies and suggestions.

That’s something I love about Twitter – getting the word out very fast and collecting information and suggestions fast from a vast and often well-informed audience.

Here is the list (so far) of Black-positive Monuments in the US.*  What would you add?

*updated 12 June to include Thurgood Marshall, John Mitchell, and Maggie Walker.

TechWomen Fellows at Smithsonian Washington DC USA 2016

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San Jose Metblog

I just posted my first blog entry as the newest writer for San Jose Metblog.  I was introduced to Metroblogging when Joann Landers wrote the article “Auction – Whirling Dervish – Middle Eastern Feast” featuring a photograph of WP 668, our 1916 historic backyard caboose. Here is what San Jose Metblog says about itself:

Metroblogging started off as a more locally focused alternative news source in Los Angeles and has turned into the largest and fastest growing network of city-specific blogs on the Web. We got sick of reading local news that was syndicated from the other side of the country, or was just repurposed national chit chat that had nothing to do with our city. We created our first blog as a throw back to the days when a local news paper focused on local issues, and you could walk down to the corner coffee shop and chat up the reporters whose column you read earlier that day. This idea didn’t stay in one city for long and before we knew it there were Metblogs in Chicago, Portland, Karachi, and Vienna. Today there are over 50 Metblogs in countries all over the world. Local politics, event reviews, lunch recommendations and ways to avoid that big traffic jam downtown. If it’s happening in our cities, we’re on it.

We are bloggers first and foremost, and we love our cities. Even the parts we hate.

My first San Jose Metblog article is “SMUM Thanks Volunteers”.  I am looking forward to writing more.

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