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Creekmore Family Reunion, Knoxville Tennessee


After our visit to Loon Lake, Wisconsin, with the Plocher family last week, John and I flew to Knoxville, Tennessee, for a reunion of my Creekmore relations. My mother, Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson, was born and raised at 1007 Circle Park in Knoxville, spending summers at our Elkmont family cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains. My brothers and I and our cousins and friends also spent many happy childhood weeks at the cabin and nearby swimming hole. My brother Mark is the oldest of our generation and I am next – we have a first cousin who is twenty years younger. More Elkmont history and photos are in my Elkmont, Tennesee 2011 blog entry.

It was delightful to get together with my mother and brothers, aunts and uncles, cousins and nieces and nephews. My mother, Mark, Jessica and Matthew met us in Knoxville.  Unfortunately, Paul could not come because of final exams at Foothill College. My brother Pete was able to bring his whole family.

We went as a group to see “Dear Lodge” – the Creekmore’s Elkmont Cabin #6, now part of the “Elkmont Emergency Stabilization Project” of the US National Park Service’s “Elkmont Historic District: Appalachian Club”. Despite the many “US Property – No Trespassing” signs, the cabin’s back door was flat on the kitchen floor, plus a window and the front door of the cabin were open. However, we were happy that the holes in the floor my daughter saw during her visit in 2008 have been repaired.

We had a big family dinner at Latitude 35 in Knoxville after visiting the mountains.  Part of the fun of a reunion is telling funny stories on each other.  Here is one I shared:

When my brothers and cousins and I were little, our mothers, aunts, and uncles would sometimes take us to a drive-in at night, usually to see a Godzilla monster movie. There would be two cars: the adults would put us kids in one and lock themselves in the other so that they could watch the movie and eat their popcorn in peace. They rolled the windows down just enough to let in the movie speaker and some air. Of course, we kids would quietly get out of our car to sit on the hood or catch frogs in the grass. One evening, we had an idea. We snuck up on the grown-ups’ car and pushed some of our frogs into the window opening. Unfortunately, one of the frogs dropped into my Aunt Mary’s soda and then immediately jumped down the front of her blouse. The resulting commotion in the adult car was  spectacularly noisy. We got in big trouble (but it was worth it!).

Yesterday, John and my mother and I went to service at St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral where my parents were married in 1952. Then, we visited the family graves at Highland Memorial Cemetery on the way to the airport.






Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson


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Pizza and Art


Last Sunday after church, we went out to a pizza lunch with my mother (retired Professor of Life Drawing at California College of the Arts) in San Jose. Between conversational interludes, John read a book, Paul played a game on his smart phone, and my mother drew Paul. As usual, people walking by the table stopped to admire her drawing. Paul is studying Art at Foothill College, having grown up seeing art as a constant and necessary expression of creativity.


Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson

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Non-Travel Diary 3

IMG_9827 . IMG_9842

While my husband John is in China on business for Huawei, I am keeping a non-travel diary. This weekend has been packed with activities:

  • Saturday morning, my mother and I picked up our new glasses from Visual Eyes Optometry in Willow Glen (San Jose CA). She was fitted with her new lenses and frames (and I got new lenses for my sunglasses).
  • Saturday afternoon, my son Paul and I went to the amazing Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival, then took an evening class from Jeanne Fishback at TechShop San Jose on the wood lathe. We had a great time – and will take a second TechShop wood class this coming Friday night.
  • This morning at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Rev. Channing Smith announced that next week is Backpack Sunday – we will collect school supplies and backpacks for the children of Santa Maria Urban Ministry (no red or blue – gang colors).
  • Paul and I went to the Clay & Glass Festival again this afternoon. In the last two years, he has taken most of the ceramics classes offered by the excellent Foothill College art program.  So, Paul was fascinated to see the finished work of so many superb creative potters. The artists also had fun talking to Paul – many of them know his teachers at Foothill. I bought some amazing pots. After seeing the art, we went to see the latest Ice Age animated movie.




Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson

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Paul’s Elements (New Blog)


As of today, my son Paul has his own blog: http://paulselement.wordpress.com/.  “Paul’s Element” will mostly be used to develop his college art portfolio. I created the blog on WordPress, with technical advice from John and Jessica and design decisions by Paul.

Paul just finished his second year at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California.  He plans to earn his Associate degree at Foothill and then go to a full-time art college for the rest of his Bachelor studies. Mostly Paul has been working in ceramics (wheel and hand building) and drawing (charcoal, watercolor, and electronic). I have been taking pictures of Paul’s art work all along – now we have a place to show it off!


Images Copyright 2011-2012 by Katy Dickinson and Paul D. Goodman

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Paul’s Dragon


My son Paul is finishing his second year at Foothill College. His major art project has been a very large ceramic dragon, complete with orb and egg. The mythic winged beast is not yet done (he is still working on glazes) but I was able to take pictures of parts of it that came home for safety during the summer quarter.


Images Copyright 2012 Katy Dickinson

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Venus at Foothill


My son Paul has been enjoying his Astronomy classes by Dr. Fraknoi at Foothill College, near the south end of San Francisco Bay. He and I stood in line to see the 5 June 2012 Transit of Venus on the big telescope in the college observatory. It was open to the public all afternoon, thanks to the Peninsula Astronomical Society. Everyone was invited back for their regular Friday night and Saturday morning programs.

The trees were between us and the Sun by the time we climbed the spiral stairs but we looked anyway.  We had already seen the image on several of the smaller telescopes available outside. The curious crowd of kids, parents, seniors, and folks coming off work were patient despite the long wait. The tiny dot of planetary shadow moving across the bright Sun looked unimportant, even when you knew that Venus is just a little smaller than our own Earth.


IMG_8854 . IMG_8850

Images Copyright 2012 by Katy Dickinson

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A’s at Foothill College

My son Paul is very much enjoying his second year at Foothill College (Los Altos Hills, California). The family teases Paul that he is working his way through the course catalogue in alphabetical order. So far, he has taken only classes starting with the letter A: Art, Algebra, Anthropology, Astronomy.

Last weekend, his sister Jessica and I were consulting with Paul on his classes for this summer.  We thought he was going to break his pattern by taking swimming and a practical software class, until we saw that the Foothill catalogue calls these Aquatics and Adobe In Design.  Maybe Paul will get to the B classes next year.


Image by Katy Dickinson 2012 Copyright

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