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Watching New Cities Grow


I grew up in San Francisco and live in San Jose, California, two relatively-old cities – for the American west. SF was founded in 1776; SJ was founded in 1777. Both were incorporated in 1850. I have recently returned from an Everwise business trip to run a Mentoring Design Workshop in Brasilia (Brazil).  Brasilia was founded in 1960 and had a population of 2.8 million in 2013. A few years ago, I worked for Huawei in Shenzhen (China).  Shenzhen was founded in 1979 and had a population of 10.4 million in 2010.

Besides being new cities, Brasilia and Shenzhen have in common that their quick creation is associated with a great leader. I was last in Shenzhen in 2010, the 30th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. During that time, there was much honoring of Deng Xiaoping. Deng lead China 1978-1992. In Brasilia, we stayed at the Kubitschek Plaza hotel – whose name honors Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, Brazil’s President 1956-1961.

Both Brasilia and Shenzhen are still in a skeletal stage of civic development. That is, I saw big buildings and well-developed districts like good bones providing form and identity but also large areas of open land that were marked with actual or virtual/mental “Under Development” signs.

My son and son-in-law like to play the virtual land development game Minecraft together. Minecraft in multi-player survival mode has the concept of identification/ownership “waypoints” to mark areas someone plans to build on – even if nothing is there now. I think Brasilia and Shenzhen are full of waypoints where development is under long-term consideration. It will be fascinating to watch the flesh of mature cities grow up over the coming decades around their lovely young bones.



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TechWomen Morocco Delegation – Day 5 – Rabat


The TechWomen delegation enjoyed its last official meetings day on 13 March 2014 in Rabat where we met with the impressive women learning entrepreneurship at INPT – L’Institut national des postes et télécommunications. This was a delightful morning of discussion followed by lunch. Jeannice Fairrer Samani and Hasna Sabah and I were joyful to be together for the first time since Hasna was an Emerging Leader hosted at Huawei in the 2012 TechWomen class. Hasna traveled by train (8 hours round trip from Marrakesh) to join the delegation for the day.

P1170509 . P1170517




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Silicon Valley Bethlehem and Cable Car


We enjoy Christmas events old and new here in the Silicon Valley. Our EfM class went to the Bethlehem – Walk Through the Christmas Story together a week ago – followed by dinner at Mio Vicino in Santa Clara.   An unofficial highlight of the show was watching one of the flock headbutting all of the other sheep in turn while the shepherds and angel said their lines.

Last night a group of us current and former-Huawei staff got together for dinner (at Il Postale in Sunnyvale) followed by a motorized Cable Car Ride to see the holiday lights in Willow Glen.







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Lunch with The Girls

IMG_0253 copy

Today with mixed feelings I attended the going away lunch Ishita kindly arranged with my soon-to-be-former co-workers at Huawei. I will miss this remarkably capable group of women! Yingying generously gave me a purple frame for a picture of The Girls. After lunch, I chaired my final Patent Review Board meeting for Futurewei’s Enterprise Global Competency Center, John and I cleared out my office, and I returned my computers and badge. Tomorrow, I officially start consulting for MentorCloud.



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Mentor Cloud


Last week, in between cleaning up my office and final responsibilities to Huawei (where I have been Director of Operations for the Enterprise Global Competency Center), I started working on MentorCloud with Dr. Ravishankar Gundlapalli (CEO, MentorCloud), Tanya Jankot (my co-author for the Sun Mentoring 1996-2009 report), and Dolly Parikh (Founder, Aloki Design Studio).

MentorCloud is a mentoring startup company: “…a peer-to-peer platform purpose-built for people to connect as mentors and mentees, share expertise and drive mutual professional growth”, with offices at the Plug and Play Tech Center in the Silicon Valley. Ravi attended the Global Women’s Journey event at which I spoke earlier this year and we have been talking ever since.


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Leaving Huawei


Almost my whole Futurewei “Enterprise Global Competency Center” Operations group was laid off yesterday, effective next week. I am leaving Huawei Technologies after 2-1/2 years. It has been interesting working in the Silicon Valley for a company based in China. The first time I was called a “foreign expert” it was a shock – since I was within 50 miles of my birthplace and the person speaking was about 10,000 miles from his hometown. I have learned a great deal about China and Chinese culture – both good and bad – and I will miss many of my soon-to-be-former co-workers.

I look forward to my next professional adventure. Please keep track of me on LinkedIn and on this blog.



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Most Valuable Innovation Project Award – Cloud Storage


I am very proud today! My husband John Plocher and his development team won Futurewei Technologies’ 2012 Most Valuable Innovation Project Award for their Cloud Storage project. John’s boss, Jim Hughes, is traveling in China so John (the Software Architect) made the acceptance speech at today’s big event.  The team will split the award bonus.


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