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20th Wedding Anniversary on 4 July

John and I are looking forward to our 20th wedding anniversary this weekend. Thinking back on some of our adventures and looking forward to many more. It is fun to be married to your best friend!

2020 virtual family dinner
2020 Mother’s Day
2018 family vacation
2018 Paul SJSU graduation
2018 St Andrew’s
2017 Katy Dickinson and John Plocher with UP1983 engine, Western Pacific Railroad Historical Convention, May 20172017 Reno
2016 Ashland
2016 Ashland
2016 Jessica Matthew John Paul Dunsmuir CA2016 Dunsmuir
2016 John Katy Klamath River CA2016 Klamath River
2015 Amtrak trip
2015 St Andrew’s
2014 John and Katy Lalibela, Ethiopia2014 Lalibela Ethiopia
2012 St Andrew’s
2012 Katy John Natural Bridges CA2012 Natural Bridges
2012 Jessica CMU graduation
2011 Jessica + Matthew
2011 Jessica Matthew wedding2011 Jessica + Matthew
2010 Lair Oski the bear, family camp2010 Lair of the Golden Bear camp
2010 Lair Oski the bear, family campLair of the Golden Bear camp 2010
2010 Teatro Zinzanni
2010 Teatro Zinzanni
2010 Teatro Zinzanni
2010 Aswan Egypt Katy John2010 Egypt
2010 Paul John Cairo Egypt2010 Cairo, Egypt
2008 John flying to Baja Mexico2008 Flying to Baja Mexico
2008 Katy flying to Baja Mexico2008 Baja
2007 Katy India2007 India
2007 John India2007 India
2007 Willow Glen Resident 25 May WP668 story2007 WP668 Caboose move
2007 Willow Glen Resident 25 May WP668 story2007 WP668 move
2006 John Dead Sea Israel2006 Dead Sea, Israel
2006 John Dead Sea Israel2006 Dead Sea, Israel
2006 John St Petersburg Russia2006 St. Peterburg, Russia
2006 John Katy St Petersburg Russia2006 Russia
2005 Katy John Beijing China2005 Beijing, China
2005 John Forbidden City Beijing China 2005 John Forbidden City Beijing China2005 China
2000 Katy John wedding mementoes 2000 Katy John wedding ketubah2000
2000 wedding
Paul Katy John Jessica wedding 4 July 20002000 wedding

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Diversity at the Hopper Conference

It may seem odd to write about diversity at a conference of 1,300 women and just a few men; however, in many dimensions the Hopper attendees were impressively varied. I particularly noticed this at the Systers lunch. I shared my table with women from Morocco, Mexico, Russia, India, China, and America. There were women who were older and women who were much younger. Many were just starting their career and others were over twenty years into it. Some were rich and others were students.

Conference dress ranged from faded jeans and a t-shirt to an elegant sari, from a western business suit to muslim hijab. Ijeoma Terese Ihenachor of Nigeria (a recipient of the Anita Borg Social Change Agent Scholarship underwritten by Dr. Fran Allen)
was remarkable for the complex elegance of her personal presentation: it was worth looking for her in any crowd.

Still, it was notable that almost everyone at Hopper was both female and working in or
studying science or technology. Stu Feldman (ACM President) opened his remarks
by saying that gender discrimination was alive and well: when he went to register for the Hopper conference, the woman at the desk asked if he didn’t mean to be at the Grocer’s convention, next door.

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