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TechWomen Alumnae Resources

Mai Temraz Gaza February 2016

The TechWomen Alumnae Resources web page is now available, presenting recommendations and references to materials helpful to technical women stuck in place because of politics or personal circumstances. So far, TechWomen Alumnae Resources topics include:

More topics are being developed.  This resource was created as a result of discussions on 12 February 2016 during the TechWomen Jordan Delegation’s Unconference at the Dead Sea.  The session I lead was called “Supporting TechWomen Fellows in Conflict Zones”. A group of nine TechWomen Fellows, Mentors, and supporters from the Middle East and USA started by discussing how to support TechWomen Fellows in conflict zones – especially Gaza, Yemen, and Libya – but we soon expanded our scope to consider those stuck at home because of severe family illness or other care taking responsibilities.  That is, these are ideas / resources / programs to benefit TechWomen Mentors and Fellows who are stuck in place.  This was not about getting them out but rather helping them remain professionally active where they are.  The five categories in which we felt that support could be offered / maintained and would be most helpful are:

  1. Entrepreneurship – training, startup feedback, recommendations to funding sources.
  2. Outsourcing – recommendations on finding / developing professional work that could be done where they are.
  3. Starting and managing local mentoring programs.
  4. Professional visibility and volunteerism:
  5. Recommendations and introductions:

The top photo shows my 2014 TechWomen mentee, Mai Temraz, with her Grace Hopper Conference bag and gifts in Gaza City, in February 2016.  We carried these gifts to her because she could attend the October 2015 GHC15 conference in-person to accept her award as 2015 Change Agent ABIE.  Being stuck in place is part of life in Gaza City.  Remarkable technical leaders like Mai are the inspiration for the TechWomen Alumnae Resources web page.

Image Copyright 2015 by Katy Dickinson

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TechWomen 2015, Mentoring Standard, Notable Technical Women, Wikipedia


TechWomen 2015:  The TechWomen 2015 year has started! Professional and Cultural mentors for the 99 Emerging Leaders from 19 countries who will participate in the five-week program are being notified of acceptances. I have been honored to be selected as a Cultural Mentor for the South Bay Area in the Arts & Culture group. I am looking forward to working with Emerging Leaders and other mentors in the Silicon Valley. Since 2011, 156 women from Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Palestine, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tunisia, Yemen, and Zimbabwe have participated. The 2015 TechWomen program will expand to include women from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

This year, my company Mentoring Standard will be offering training and certification for TechWomen mentors. Our Team is now developing those materials. We are very much looking forward to supporting this outstanding program of citizen diplomacy by the US Department of State – Bureau of Educational Cultural Affairs.

Notable Technical Women: The Notable Technical Women project by Jessica Dickinson Goodman (California Department of Justice), Dr. Susan Rodger (Duke University), and me is also thriving: Jessica just placed a big re-order of the Notable Women in Computing card decks and posters, and the TechWomen cards and posters continue to sell steadily. TechWomen Director Arezoo Miot is pictured above with the TechWomen poster in her Institute of International Education office in San Francisco.

Want to write for Wikipedia? We welcome corrections and additions to information on the Notable Technical Women materials. Since the first printing in November 2014, eight honorees have had new Wikipedia biographies written (or we found pages about them): Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza, Laurie Hendren, Kathleen McKeown, Betty Snyder (aka Betty Holberton), Valerie Taylor, Marlyn Wescoff (aka Marilyn Meltzer), Linda Petzold, and Lixia Zhang. There are only six Notable Technical Women honorees left (out of the 54 honorees) who need biographies written: Anuradha Annaswamy, Chieko Asakawa, Qiheng Hu, Yuqing Gao, Lila Ibrahim, and Sophie Vandebroek. We update the cards as possible between printings.

IMG_3698 Just-printed posters – July 2015
IMG_7833 Susan, Jessica, and Katy – June 2015

Images Copyright 2015 by Katy Dickinson

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108 Technical Role Models and Mentors

As of January 2015, these cards and posters are available for sale on Notable Technical Women.

IMG_1379 . IMG_1380

I am proud to present 108 role models and mentors.  Each of these technical women has earned her place through remarkable accomplishments and experience:

You may know that after selling out the first edition of Notable Women playing cards at the Hopper Conference, Dr. Susan Rodger (Computer Science, Duke University), Jessica Dickinson Goodman, and I created the Notable Women in Computing Kickstarter, which was crowd funded by generous backers at five times our original asking. Since then, Jessica has ably managed our production and shipping. Card decks and posters shipped last month to not only our backers but also to 500 educators around the world (USA, Netherlands, Scotland, Nigeria, Lebanon, New Zealand, India…). We are now getting many photos of the cards and posters “in the wild” from teachers and schools, companies, and even from honorees. Susan and Jessica and I are discussing our next steps for the project, since we are still getting new requests for decks and posters. Jessica is setting up an ecommerce site for future purchases and new customers. More news on that soon…

“Notable Women in Computing” has also inspired many daughter projects – including the “TechWomen Emerging Leaders” poster and card decks (for which Jessica was also the designer!) – now in production to go to South Africa for the TechWomen Delegation next week.

A role model is a person whose behavior, example, or success is emulated by others, especially by younger people. That is, a role model can inspire without ever communicating directly with the person whose life they have touched. Mentors, on the other hand, advise and inspire directly. In short, practical terms:

  • Mentors make introductions.
  • Mentors give recommendations to resources.
  • Mentors give feedback for the mentee to consider.

I am lucky to know many of the 108 women honored here personally. My respect for this group could not be higher. Most of the “Notable Women in Computing” group have been role models and mentors to generations of students and rising professionals. When I have served on the selection committees for TechWomen Emerging Leaders, one of the most common hopes I read in their application essays is for an opportunity to give back to their community and to help girls learn to use and love technology.  I have also heard this aspiration over and over from my own amazing TechWomen mentees.

Please help spread the news of these amazing technical leaders.   In August 2013, I wrote about Getting Beyond Marie Curie – developing information and awareness about other great women tole models. Here are 108.

Both Posters: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 U.S. License

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List: TechWomen Emerging Leader Cards from Africa and the Middle East

As of January 2015, these cards are available for sale on Notable Technical Women.


Yesterday, the selection committee picked 54 TechWomen Emerging Leaders to honor in a deck of playing cards.  TechWomen Emerging Leaders are selected annually from among thousands of applicants. They have participated from 16 countries in the Middle East and Africa since 2011 – coming to the San Francisco Bay Area to be mentored at Silicon Valley companies and universities in a prestigious STEM program. We received a very enthusiastic response by the TechWomen mentee alumnae community to our 15 December 2014 call for participation – unfortunately, more than could be included in a card deck of just 54. It was a hard decision for the selection committee to pick from among these remarkably talented women. We are pleased to be able to honor an impressive group from Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Palestine, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tunsia, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.  The selection committee members are:

Finance and Production:

We welcome financial backers! If you would like to join us in supporting this inspiring project, please contribute here. If we do not collect enough money to produce card decks in time for the TechWomen South Africa Delegation at the end of January 2015, we will prepare a poster featuring the cards to take to South Africa, then focus on getting funding for producing the playing cards to take on the Tunisia Delegation in mid-March 2015. The “TechWomen Emerging Leader” poster will be inspired by the “Notable Women in Computing” playing cards and poster project in content and design.  This project is a labor of love for the women behind it, which is why we are licensing it under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 U.S. License. We will make $0 profit from this project.

All 54 TechWomen Emerging Leader cards:

Here are the names and card assignments of the honorees. There may be text edits before production starts – space is very limited on playing cards! Jessica is creating the card and poster designs now – a sample card hand is above.

Suit Honoree Name (TechWomen Year) Country Position, Company or Organization Honors, Awards, Notable Professional Acknowledgements
Joker Nisreen Deeb (2013) Lebanon Senior Software Developer- Mediterranean Shipping Company & MSC Cruises Best Scout Leader of top 2 scout trainees in the Lebanese Scout Federation
Joker Salwa Sameer Nassar (2014) Palestine Civil engineer – United Nations Development Programme Member of the Board of Directors in Society of Al-Burij For Community Rehabilitation
Hearts QueenSukaina Al-Nasrawi (2011) Lebanon Professional Staff Member, Statistics Division of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, PhD researcher, Information Systems Dean’s Honor List: American University of Beirut, Department of Computer Science // Full scholarship for CS graduate studies
KingNermin Salah Ahmed Mostafa (2013) Egypt Lecturer at German University in Cairo Science Technology and Development grant 2013 // Univ. Management scholarship at Oldenburg, Germany 2013
JackPeace Asukwo (2013) Nigeria Country Head of IT/Information Managements at Save the Children International 1st Lady, Country IT Technician, Save the Children UK // 1st Lady, Country IT Representative, West and Central Africa for Save the Children International
AceSeham Ahmad Abdullah Aljaafreh (2014) Jordan New think Academy Founder + supervisor of Mutah knowledge Station “100 Outstanding Telecentre Women in the World” Award – Telecentre.org 2011 // “Best Influential Youth” Jordan Award 2013
10- Mai Ahmed Abualkas Temraz (2014) Palestine CEO and Founder of Amateur Club Training Center The First and only Female Amateur Radio Operator in Palestine // Extra Class License from the American Radio Relay League
9- Heba Hosny Mohamed (2012) Egypt Scrum Master/ Team Coordinar, Senior Testing Engineer, at InsideTrack Semifinalist in the in the Global Initiative for Science and Technology, GIST, competition in Turkey.
8- Placidie Benamahirwe (2014) Rwanda Senior System Administrator/ Africa Olleh Services Ltd Award from Ministry of Education to study three international courses
7- Sylvia Mukasa (2014) Kenya Chief Executive Officer, GlobalX Investments Ltd, Nairobi Finalist USAID/Kenya Feed the Future Innovation Engine Competition, GlobalX Hello Mkulima Concept 2014
6- Ameni Channoufi (2014) Tunisia Service Manager, PKI operations, National Digital Certification Agency Systems Security and PKI Certified
5- Nassima Berrayah (2013) Algeria Founder and CEO @ eBlink.dz (my own startup) JoomChrono Awards 2013: Dynamic website design // WIT MEA Awards: Best Startup Business – Dubai 2014
4- Yara Maher Mohamed Ahmed (2012) Egypt Advanced Analytics Lead at Vodafone Google Anita Borg Memorial Award for Women in Technology in EMEA 2014 // TEDx Speaker 2014
3- Amel Chenouf (2012) Algeria Researcher at Advanced Technologies Development Center; CDTA Certificate Appreciation- Test Technology Council // Outstanding volunteer- IEEE Symposium 2014
2- Amal Al-saqqaf (2014) Yemen Teaching assistant in software engineering department, Taiz University, Republic of Yemen Fellow in ICANN 52 fellowship program in Singapore // Internet Society member – Yemen chapter
Diamonds QueenMekuate Tayou Christelle Carine epse Tachoula (2014) Cameroon Founder and CEO of “SOFT-ELITE” Cameroon’s Representative at MONDIALOGO International Symposium // 1st girl President of CLUB MATHS at the University of Yaoundé
KingMarie Claire Murekatete (2014) Rwanda Senior Software engineer at Rwanda Development Board and founder of Atlas computer systems Award – best female in Computer Engineering and Information Technology // Girls In ICT Fellow
JackAmel Ghouila (2014) Tunisia Bioinformatics researcher (PhD), Institut Pasteur de Tunis EMBO grant – organisation of a bioinformatics course 2014)// Merit PhD Scholarship, High Technology from Islamic development bank (2010 – 2013)
AceNezha Larhrissi Taghi (2013) Morocco Advisor to the Minister; Ministry of Environment Won Rally Aicha des Gazelles, Relais des Médias category 2005 // Book chapter “Advanced Cellular Network Planning and Optimization” 2007
10- Rokia Abubaker Mohammed Al-beity (2014) Yemen HSE & Security specialist / Baker Hughes Interpries – Yemen .
9- Neza Guillaine (2013) Rwanda Senior Software developer at Partners In Health, Her2Voice founder, Technovation regional coordinator Oracle Java SE Programmer Certified // Best trainer on data management in the EAC
8- Dorothée Danedjo Fouba (2014) Cameroon Multimedia Journalist – Media Education Engineer-Blogger / Ministry of Communication African FOSS Reporter Award 2012 // Best African ICT Blog 2012 & 2013
7- Zimkhita Buwa (2013) South Africa BU Business Intelligence Manager Company: Britehouse Siliconcape Exco Member – Cape Town tech entrepreneurship // SAP Mentor – one of two African SAP Mentors
6- Amel Awadallah (2013) Palestine Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Asal Technologies, Ramallah ISTQB certificate // CCNA Certificate
5- Ogechi Blessing Onuoha (2014) Nigeria Technologist, Department of Systems Engineering, University of Lagos; Membership/Volunteer Relations Manager Mobile Monday Presidential Special Scholarship for Scheme For Innovation and Development (PRESSID)
4- Alaa Abdel-Razzaq Fatayer (2014) Palestine Charging System Engineer, Jawwal “Palestine Cellular Communication Company” Technovation Regional Ambassador // Contributed with an IEEE publication under An-Najah National University
3- Gamilah Abdulhak AL-qadhi (2014) Yemen PhD student –Cairo Univ.; 2012: Assistant lecturer –Department of oral biology- Univ. Science and Technology-Sana’a; 2004-2007: Dentist- Altafary dental center- Sana’a Published in Egyptian Dental Journal 58, 2012 // Speaker at the 1st Yemeni – Turkey Dental Congress – Univ. Science and Technology- Sana’a 2012
2- Racha Bia (2014) Algeria Pharmacist and Computer Science student (future engineer), Engineering Systems and Softwares Option Google Student Ambassador 2012-2013 // Finalist at Arab Mobile App Challenge
Spades QueenMaysoun Ibrahim (2011) Palestine Acting Director General of Information and Communication Technology, Office of Palestinian President / PhD researcher, Information Systems Grace Hopper Celebration Change Agent Award 2011 // Palestinian ICT Incubator Business Plan Award of Year 2006
KingAdla Mahmoud Chatila (2012) Lebanon Information & Finance Director, Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut Received Microsoft Award for ICT integration in Makassed schools // Won Board Award for reengineering project at Makassed schools
JackJosette Tejan-Cole (2013) Sierra Leone Procurement and Logistics Manager, Total Sierra Leone Ltd (Petroleum Company), enrolled at Heriot-Watt University for a Petroleum Engineering Masters Degree Employee of the year 2012 // Best Mechanical Engineer USL 2007 // Best mechanical design of an ice making machine SLBL 2007
AceOuafa Benterki (2012) Algeria Lecturer at the Higher Arab Institute of Translation, Founder of MTY Intelligent Software President: Machine Translation Association in Algiers 2013 // Pioneer of Machine Translation 2012
10- Emma Marie Ndoringoma (2013) Rwanda Co-founder & Technical Manager at Fidalix / Product Manager at Promelec 1st Google Student Ambassador, University of Rwanda
9- Benhamou Amina (2012) Algeria Professor researcher in university and general manager of Sundous Energy Trefle d’or of women in entrepreneurship in Algeria 2014 // 1st place of research in Algeria 2014
8- Germaine Ashu (2014) Cameroon Electrical Engineer – Electricity Development Corporation – Yaounde 2011 Young Professional for Cameroon at Commonwealth Conference for Administration and Management
7- Asal Ibrahim (2014) Jordan Researcher, Fraunhofer institute for solar energy systems Green Talents Award, German Ministry – Education and Research 2013 // 1st place, Scientific Day at the Hashemite Univ. 2012
6- Wifak Tayeb (2014) Morocco Information manager and PhD researcher, Ministry of Interior, Morocco Valedictory Award for Masters in Supply Chain Management // Scholarship Award – Maastricht School of Management
5- Mona Eilouti (2014) Jordan Product Manager, Bayt.com Best Project Award at the Int. Undergraduate Research Conf., Dubai for “Toward an Interactive Mobile Arabic Learning Paradigm”
4- Douache Djamila (2013) Algeria Senior International Training Engineer at ZTE Corporation Best trainer in quality at ZTE Corporation // First lady speaker at Alumni Day at ENP
3- Hanan Youssef (2013) Egypt Incubation Manager, OTVentures, Cairo Certified Business Analysis Professional, Int. Institute of Bus. Analysis // Speaker- Voices Conference, Global Tech Women, 2014
2- Nour Yousef Alkhalil (2012) Jordan Technical Team Lead, Bayt.com IEEE Darrel Chong Award for MovIEEE initiative // 1st Place- MENA for Ubiquitous GPS Vehicle System
Clubs QueenJosephine Kamanthe Ndambuki (2013) Kenya Senior engineer, Transport and IP support, Safaricom Top under 40 women in Kenya, Business Daily 2014 // Canadian Development Agency, Coady International Institute emerging Global change leader 2011
KingPatience Mthunzi (2014) South Africa Senior Research Scientist and Principal Investigator, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) TED Fellow (2015) // Most Influential Women 2013 Award, by Celebrating Excellence in Organizations Communications Awards
JackOmnia Eteyari (2013) Libya Co-Founder / CEO of Mazadah for Training and Development Emerging Leader, American Council for Young Political Leaders // Shaper at Tripoli Global Shapers
AceNyarumbu Trish (2014) Zimbabwe Principal Research Officer, Horticultural Research Institute – Department of Research and Specialist Services, Ministry of Agriculture Fellowship – NUFIC to attend courses on Plant Genetic Resources and Seeds (India) and Climate Change Governance (Netherlands)
10- Arwa Yahia Al-Eryani (2012) Yemen Assistant Professor at Yemen Academy for Graduate Studies Published author of four books in information technology
9- Ogo Maduewesi (2014) Nigeria Founder/Executive Director, Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation Ashoka Fellowship // Architects of the Future Award // Netherlands Fellowship Programme NFP Scholarship
8- Nomso Faith Kana (2013) South Africa Innovation Ambassador, Company: The Innovation Hub Management company Appointed Delegation Leader for South Africa – World Sustainable Energy Initiative 2014
7- Houda Chakiri (2012) Morocco CEO Enhanced Technologies, Morocco Top ten – Sawaed contest (2008 – 2009) for innovative ideas using ICT to promote Arabic Content in the Arab World // IEEE CIST Young ICT Entrepreneur Award (2014)
6- Helen Olubunmi Aderemi (2013) Nigeria Ph.D Work in Department of Management and Accounting, Faculty of Administration, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria Distinguished Lead Speaker: ‘Gender, Youth and Entrepreneurship’. Int. Conf. on Business Administration and Management, 2014
5- Maria Salama (2012) Egypt Assistant Lecturer, British Universty in Egypt Postgraduate Elite Scholarship in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Univ. of Birmingham, UK (2013-2016)
4- Ouafae Alami (2014) Morocco Senior Software Engineer – Devoteam Services Maroc Sun Certification, Java Programming // Sun Certification for Web Component Development
3- Rawan abu Shmais (2014) Palestine BSS Radio Engineer working at JAWWAL / Palestine Participated in International Social Camp for Children in Refugee Camps
2- Mona Karamalah Hasan (2014) Egypt Civil infrastructure engineer – Vodafone Egypt Managing Directors of Girls In Tech Egypt


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New Playing Cards Honoring Women of Africa and the Middle East

As of January 2015, these cards are available for sale on Notable Technical Women.

Adla Mahmoud Chatila – Lebanon Draft Card Design - Adla Mahmoud Chatila - Lebanon - TechWomen Emerging Leader . Nezha Larhrissi Taghi – Morocco Photo Nezha Larhrissi Taghi- Morocco - TechWomen Emerging Leader
Patience Mthunzi – South Africa Photo Patience Mthunzi - South Africa - TechWomen Emerging Leader . Arwa Yahia Al-Eryani – Yemen Photo Arwa Yahia Al-Eryani - Yemen - TechWomen Emerging Leader
Maysoun Ibrahim – Palestine Photo Maysoun Ibrahim - Palestine - TechWomen Emerging Leader . Josephine Kamanthe Ndambuki – Kenya Photo Josephine Kamanthe Ndambuki - Kenya - TechWomen Emerging Leader

TechWomen Mentor Eileen Brewer, Jessica Dickinson Goodman and I are partnering with Arezoo Miot (IIE TechWomen Director), Jill Finlayson and Julia Lovin (Council Co-Chairs of the TechWomen Alumnae Organization, and TechWomen Mentors) to create a new playing card deck honoring 54 of the remarkable TechWomen Emerging Leaders – from 16 countries in the Middle East and Africa since 2011.  We are building on the success and structure of the “Notable Women in Computing Card Deck”  that Jessica and I developed with Professor Susan Rodger (Duke University) to develop this new deck honoring global women of STEM.

TechWomen is a professional mentorship and exchange program developed in response to President Obama’s efforts to strengthen relations between the United States and the Middle East and North Africa.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton first announced the TechWomen initiative on April 28, 2010 during President Obama’s Entrepreneurship Summit. In June 2011, TechWomen launched with 37 participants from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and the Palestinian Territories. In 2012, the program expanded to include women from Tunsia and Yemen. In 2013, the cohort doubled in size with the addition of women from Cameroon, Kenya, Libya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

TechWomen is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.
TechWomen – Who We Are

The card design above is Jessica’s first draft proposal – still under discussion! It honors my 2012 TechWomen mentee and friend: Adla Chatila of Lebabon. This project is a labor of love for the women behind it, which is why we are licensing the card deck under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 U.S. License. We will make $0 profit from this project. We are still discussing how to fund production.

Thanks to the 70+ TechWomen Emerging Leaders who have already submitted their information to be considered for inclusion. I am very much enjoying my email communications with this inspiring and energetic group as we develop this exciting new project!


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