About Katysblog, Using Pictures

Katy at Giza, Egypt 2018

I am Katy Dickinson, the sole author and owner of Katysblog. Offers to advertise, optimize, commercialize, or provide guest articles for this web log are not welcome. Katysblog was started in June 2005 and there have been quite a few software and platform changes since then. I update older posts from time to time but some links may be broken. Please submit a comment if there is a broken link or missing picture.

If you want to use a picture posted on Katysblog, please note:.

  •  There is a copyright statement on almost every Katysblog entry – All Rights are Reserved.  Some Katysblog pictures are linked from our family Flickr archive. You can read the Flickr Community Guidelines to understand what this means.
  • Please feel free to send pictures privately to family or friends, provided that the copies are not made nor distributed for direct commercial advantage. Otherwise, all copyrights are reserved, and no part of this work may be copied, distributed or displayed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the copyright owner. Please contact Katy dot Dickinson at gmail dot com with questions.
  • If you see an image of interest on Katysblog and want to see if there are more photos in that Flickr series, click directly on the image to go to the set.
  • I do not post any photo that I think might embarrass or offend. If I have posted an image of you in particular that you want taken down, please contact Katy dot Dickinson at gmail dot com with the blog post URL, and number of the photo in question. If the image has others in it, please check with them before requesting its removal.

Thanks for your consideration – Katy Dickinson

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