InovAtiva Brasil: Core Team and Video


Ilana Robbins Gross, Colman Lydon and I from Everwise just got back to the USA from a week-long trip to Brazil. In Brasilia, Ilana and I managed an InovAtiva Brasil Design Workshop.  We were joined by Colman to discuss the new mentoring program with stakeholders and potential mentors in São Paulo. You can watch some of our discussions in the new YouTube video “Webinar – A Mentoria (reinventada) Para Empreendedores” – an hour-long discussion between me, Rafael Campos (Wenovate), and Felipe Gasko (Endeavor). Note that only the video introduction and closing are in Portuguese – the rest is in English.

Our InovAtiva Mentoring Program Core Team is remarkable and diverse.  It was an honor and pleasure to work with them during our trip:

  • Secretariat for Innovation, Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade: Marcos Vinicius de Souza (Director), Igor Manhaes Nazareth, Maycon David Stahelin, Samuel Meireles Dias e Sousa
  • Endeavor: Carolina Stochhe Barbosa
  • Wenovate Center: Bruno Rodani, Rafael Campos, Carla Colonna
  • Everwise: Ian Gover, Katy Dickinson, Jesse Soslow, Ilana Robbins Gross, Colman Lydon




Images Copyright 2014 by Katy Dickinson

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Meeting and Eating in Brasilia and Sao Paulo


Ilana Robbins Gross and I were joined by Colman Lydon of Everwise this morning in Sao Paulo for our mentoring discussions with InovAtiva Brasil, Endeavor, Wenovate – and with InovAtiva stakeholders and potential mentors. I have been in meetings all day (except for half an hour to see a craft and snacks fair in the park across the street from our hotel). I am very much enjoying presenting and answering questions about mentoring. So far, the most interesting feature of Sao Paulo is the graffiti and street art.  All of my photos are about groups of people meeting and eating – because that is what we are mostly doing.






Images Copyright 2014 by Katy Dickinson

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In Brasilia with InovAtiva


Ilana Robbins Gross and I arrived this morning in Brasilia to run a mentoring program design workshop with Everwise customer InovAtiva Brasil. Marcos Vinícius de Souza and Maycon Stahelin generously showed us some of the lovely Niemeyer buildings of the federal capital.  We start work tomorrow!






Images Copyright 2014 by Katy Dickinson

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Everwise Blog Posts


It is a new experience for me to work with a professional writer. Usually, I am the one who drafts documents and articles – and I have often served as general editor as well. At Everwise, I find myself with a regular byline for a series of articles which I just lightly edit. This does not count today’s article by Shanarae Goodwin (Director of Marketing at Everwise), actually about me: An Interview with Katy Dickinson, Everwise Vice President of Mentoring.

Here are some of my byline articles for Everwise:

Image Copyright 2014 by Everwise

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Going to Brazil!


Ilana Robbins Gross and I just turned in our visa applications to go to Brazil to run a mentoring program design workshop with Everwise customer InovAtiva Brasil. I am excited to be headed for my first trip to South America!

My French cousin, Catherine Minck, tells me that she and I  share a family ancestor, Edouard Bolli, who was the Swiss Consul in Pernambuco (now Recife) over 150 years ago.  This is my only prior connection to Brazil!

Photo Copyright 2014 by Katy Dickinson

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Hosting Radio Show Tonight

Divya L. Selvakumar - People to People radio interview 10july2014

10 July People to People Radio Show Recording.

I have the honor to host the People to People Radio show tonight:

Please join People to People’s radio show – Thursdays at 6:00 pm Pacific Time (9:00 pm Eastern Time). Access the weekly show online or phone 646-595-4742 each Thursday evening. Your questions and comments for this Global Health Forum will be welcome. Comments and suggestions for discussion topics can go in email to or be posted to People to People’s Facebook page. If you are unable to tune in live, please access recordings of all shows at your convenience – using the link provided on the People To People Global Radio Show Blogtalkradio web page.


Photo Copyright Divya L. Selvakumar 2014

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Walking San Francisco


I have been walking up and down San Francisco’s Mission Street during my lunch hours, enjoying the beauty of the city and observing its interesting buildings and inhabitants.






Images Copyright 2014 by Katy Dickinson

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