Triangular Partnership: the Power of the Diaspora


I have been editing the new book Triangular Partnership: the Power of the Diaspora all summer for the People to People organization.

People to People (P2P) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care and reducing the spread of diseases, particularly in Ethiopia and in diaspora communities.

Yesterday, I sent the fifteen lead authors their agreements and the most current versions of their written contributions (chapters, the introduction, forword, etc.) for review and approval before we send everything to the printers next week. I also sent myself the signed agreement for the chapter “Professional Mentoring – Fostering Triangular Partnership”.  I am enjoying working with and learning from the other members of the book development team:

  • Dr. Enawgaw Mehari, Founder and President of People to People, and Neurologist MD (based in Kentucky)
  • Dr. Kinfe Gebeyehu, Vice President of P2P, and Pediatrician MD (based in Illinois)
  • Matthew Watts, Coordinator, Marketing and Public Relations at St. Claire Regional Medical Center (in Kentucky)

A pre-publication review copy will be distributed at the 5th Annual Global Ethiopian Diaspora Conference on Health Care and Medical Education, 28 September 2013 in Washington D.C.  This morning, my first phone call was from Mauritania from an author with a copyright question. I love this project!

27 September 2013 update: the conference version of this book is available for free download 

18 October 2019 update: fixed links

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