TechWomen Meets Technical Amman

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The TechWomen delegation spent today meeting and learning from the technical community in Amman, Jordan. The delegation visited N2V Labs as a group, then some went to HP,, or Yahoo. My group had a fascinating discussion with the refreshing leaders of Palma Consulting. Tonight, we all went to a special TechWomen edition of Amman Tech Tuesday. Some of the TechWomen gave speed talks on their technical projects. I was on a panel telling about our TechWomen mentoring experience.

Tomorrow is my big E-Commerce workshop – my team and I have been discussing how we can represent best practices and pitfalls of selling artisanal crafts on the web. This is a repeat of a similar talk that was very popular when I was a member of the TechWomen delegation that went to Morocco in 2011.

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Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson


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